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What to expect after your Canada Immigration?

Welcome Bienvenue, Swagat, 歡迎光臨 [欢迎光临] Bienvenido to Canada as a new immigrant. You have completed your Canada Immigration and are ready to settle into this country of the True North.

Experiencing Canada begins when you step within its boundaries and continues to define and enrich your life.  The more you will give, the more you will get back, I promise.

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Setting your finances

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Right from settling in, making friendsfinding that first job, changing careers, starting your own business, this new canvas affords it all.   Its a journey that grows and expands and then becomes your life..

As a current or prospective new immigrant, you will have a lot of questions like how is life after immigrating to Canada? Where will I get my first job? How do we get started? What is the lifestyle there? In short.... how do we begin building a legacy that's long lasting for ourselves and our children?

From initial documentation and processes to living and integrating as a permanent resident, applying for your citizenship and then lots more information in between, I have detailed them all.

This website is an experiential guide based on my own personal journey of seeing Canada through the eyes of a new comer.

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This can be interactive.. so feel free to share your experiences, and ask your questions for others to answer.  You can build your own page here and share it with your family and friends.

Collection of government resource links useful either before or after immigration in Canada 

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